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Ultimate Cardio Workouts For Gym

Cardio exercises are a major part of your fitness routine. This fact does not change even when the nature of the workout changes. No matter where you do your workout, cardio is a must. There are people who hit the gym religiously but what they believe in is the fact that gym cardio workout plan includes walking on the treadmill, using the elliptical, or going all out on the stationary bike. Trust me, no matter how hardcore that sounds, it does get quite monotonous after a point in time.

The benefits of cardio are astonishing: it gets your metabolism up, increases your heart rate and gets you in the mood to workout. Not only that, it also helps you lose weight and manage health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure etc.

But does that mean that cardio should be boring and monotonous? Absolutely not! We bring to you different gym cardio workout routines that can be done at the gym. It is not only quick and easy, but it is also extremely effective. So let us get started:

Routine #1

Not only does this machine reduce the pressure on your joints, but it also helps you get the most out of your workout. To give you an idea, if you weigh about 175-180 pounds, you will be able to lose about 550 calories in 1 hour. This is true when you are maintaining a moderate pace. Add a touch of interval training by changing the speed and resistance and it will help you lose more calories.
This is a 20 minutes elliptical workout:

a) For the first 2 minutes, maintain a moderate speed and low resistance.

b) Next, for 5 minutes, maintain a low speed and high resistance.

c) Once that is done, slow down for 1 minute. Keep a low speed and a low resistance.

d) For 3 minutes, switch to moderate speed and high resistance.

e) For 1 minute, maintain a low speed and low resistance.

f) Next, for 4 minutes, maintain high speed and low resistance.

g) Then for 2 minutes, maintain moderate sleep and low resistance.

h) Lastly, cool down for 2 minutes.

This workout uses the concept of interval training. You might find it to be slightly difficult in the beginning, but you will feel stoked once it is done!

Routine #2

The treadmill can be used to run and walk, both of which are known to promote fat loss. It you weigh anywhere around 170 pounds, you will lose about 900 calories per hour if you choose to run. However, it can be slightly stiff on your joints. You need to be aware of the kind of treadmill workout you opt for. Let us look at a 28-minute hill workout:

a) First, set the speed at 5 and the incline at 1. Maintain this for 5 minutes.

b) Increase the speed to 6.5 and reduce the incline to 1. Maintain this for 3 minutes.

c) Push the incline up to 3 and bring the speed down to 6. Maintain this for 4 minutes.

d) Bring the speed back to 6.5 and incline to 1. Maintain it for 3 minutes.

e) Push the speed up to 6 and incline to 4. Maintain for 3 minutes.

f) Maintain the speed at 6.5 and incline at 1 for 3 minutes.

g) Bring the speed back to 6 and incline to 3 for 2 minutes.

h) Walk for 5 minutes with the incline set at 1 and speed at 5.

Routine #3
Jumping Rope

This is one of the most liked exercise methods of all time. It is difficult yet fun and hence is a part of every athlete’s routine. You can burn more than 500 calories in just 30-40 minutes of jumping rope. Let us look at a jump rope routine that can be done at the gym:

a) 2 minutes: forward jump.

b) 1 minute: side jump.

c) 2 minutes: backward jump.

d) 1 minute: left leg jump.

e) 1 minute: right leg jump.

f)1 minute: break.

g) 2 minutes: forward jump.

h) 2 minutes: alternate leg jump.

i) 1 minute: foot-cross jump.

j) 1 minute: left leg jump.

k) 1 minute: right leg jump.

l) 1 minute: break.

m) 2 minutes: forward jump.

n) 1 minute: double high jump.

o) 1 minute: backward jump.

Routine #4
Stationary Bike

This machine is extremely common. People love using it because it tends to get easy after a point in time. If you maintain a fast pace, you can lose about 900 calories in an hour. However, let us look at a better workout that will help you make the most of it:

a) 5 minutes: low resistance, moderate pace. This is the base.

b) 4 minutes: resistance – 4 and moderate pace.

c) 2 minutes: increase both, the resistance and the speed.

d) 3 minutes: get back to the base set up.

e) 2 minutes: resistance – 4 and moderate pace.

f) 5 minutes: cool down.

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